Thursday, November 1, 2007


We are very excited that we received permission to create and host this website/blog in order to have a space that we can share information and post announcements. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the lengthy email we tend to send out. In the future, you are likely to get email from Sister Gentry that informs you of a new post and links you back to this site. Also, we would love for you to add this site to your list of favorites and check back as often as you are online.

As we have shared with you, our main objective as a presidency is to strengthen our sense of sisterhood through opportunities to increase spirituality, understand stewardships, serve, love, and fellowship each other. We feel that this blog will be a great tool as we strive to help you connect with each other as sisters. Our vision for this blog is also to use it as a posting place for compassionate service opportunity information, Visiting Teaching reminders and encouragement, and reminders of Enrichment and Educational opportunities.

Our instruction from the stake included the stipulation that all comments and posts must be moderated by me. I am typically online every day and will consistently update posts and review comments. If you have information that you feel should be posted, please contact me via email at:

We look forward to seeing you back here soon!


Anonymous said...
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Christine said...

Sisters: The lesson this coming Sunday in on Service: Responsibities and Blessings. The Young Women and YW leaders will join us. Challenge: Pick a youth and remind them of something you appreciate about them. Let's make a difference.

LeVa said...

Looks good!! Should be a big help and great resource for RS.

LeVa said...

Just wanted to let you know that Nick participated in the Polar Bear Plunge yesterday at The Trail of Tears Park. He and some of his friends dressed as members of the rock band Kiss and managed to earn at least $150. They have a web site up and can still get donations til march. The weather wasn't too bad, the water temp was 36 degrees. Mud was the biggest problem. They also recieved honorable mention (3rd place ) in the costume contest.