Sunday, December 16, 2007

Changes in Relief Society

For the several people who stayed home due to snow or sickness this morning, there were several changes made in auxiliary leadership.  I had planned to just mention the RS changes, but since they all involve women, I might as well go over them all while I am here, right?

Sister P. Smith was called as the Primary President
with Sister Wilburn and Sister Sear as Counselors
and Sister Pottorf as a Secretary.

Sister Delos Santos was called as Nursery Leader.

Sister Culbertson, having been released from the calling of  Primary President, was called as a Substitute RS Teacher.

Sister Fliege, now released as Primary Counselor is now a RS teacher on our third Sunday and will also serve as our RS Music Leader.

Sisters Sear, Pottorf, and Wilburn were all released from their former callings of RS Enrichment Counselor, Branch Missionary and Music Leader.

We will miss Sister Pottorf in our presidency.  She added a great spirit as well as a lot of practicality and common sense that was much appreciated and needed at times.  She will be greatly missed by myself and the other members of my presidency.

Thanks for all of your service and for the examples you set.  We look forward to gaining some of you back from primary after a couple of long years and promise not to forget those of you who have been sent down there to teach our children.

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