Saturday, October 4, 2008


I love October Conference to curl up in the cooler weather under a blanket and reserve two days for personal, spiritual feasting. If you for some reason missed General Conference today, you can watch it online now, or whenever (as soon as, surely!) you have the time. Click here to watch it online.

As always the talks were wonderful and especially hopeful considering the current state of our world. I am excited about the news of five more temples announced-- including locations in Kansas City and Rome! I was also inspired by President Monson's plea for us to pray for areas of the world that are not open to the gospel and Elder Christofferson's talk on establishing Zion. Our responsibility to help now to prepare the world for the second coming of the Lord, and to be instruments in building the Kingdom and sharing the gospel is exciting to me. I have been filled and cannot wait for more tomorrow.

I love that even though we all hear the same words, we receive different messages based on what we need to hear and how our spirits interpret things differently. What message did you hear?

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