Saturday, March 29, 2008

Square Foot Gardening Kick-Off!

Sister Wheeler and Jamieson have begun putting in Square foot gardens! If you are signed up to participate in this activity, please remember that you owe Sister Wheeler $30. Also, she is trying to schedule days that a few sisters can all do their gardens at the same time. She needs your help to make this work. Please plan to meet with her at your home to put your garden in and then travel with her to help another sister or two do theirs. She has put an AMAZING amount of time and work into this project, please show your gratitude by making it easy for her to help you. Here are some shots from her first garden rounds.

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Anonymous said...

I am excited to start my square foot gardening. I was in Utah this past week and heard from a regional representative more about the Church's admonition to BE PREPARED.
Thanks Penny for all your work!