Saturday, December 13, 2008

November/December Missionary Challenge

As last month's missionary challenge suggested, this is the month that we are asking each of us to share a gift of the gospel. We have been praying to know of someone who is ready to receive our gift. This is an excellent time of year, not to mention the many people who are looking for hope in our troubled world, to share the gospel. We live in a part of the country where we are surrounded by good people who believe in Christ.

First, if you have not already determined who you will share with, do it now! Pray to know who of your friends and family are ready.

Then SHARE. Here are some ideas. Please send me or use the comment link to share other ideas, I'd love to post them.

1. Look online at the Church Distribution Center for ideas. You can share a picture of Christ, a video, a book. There are hundreds of options. Here is a link to the distribution center.

2. If you cannot or or would prefer not to purchase an item, check with the missionaries to see what they have available for you to give away. I'm sure they will be happy to give you some options! Call Elder Cahoon and Naylor at 573-517-9230.

3. This is my favorite choice. This DVD is available at the distribution center for $6.20 (the missionaries may have some, I am not sure). It is a great way to share the message of the gospel at Christmastime. Here is a link to purchase that item from Distribution.

4. Share a Book of Mormon. We will have some available on Sunday for you to pick up. Be sure to include your testimony with it.
5. Invite them to attend the First Presidency Christmas Devotional broadcast this Sunday night at your home or at the church building.

6. Invite the person or family to your home for a dinner and share a gospel message with them.

7. Invite a family or person to share a spiritual and fun family home evening.

8, 9 10.... there are so many more ways.... please offer your ideas!

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