Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So Sorry

I knew I could not make it through the month without forgetting to post at some point. Here are the days I missed and the rest of the challenge lest I forget (and impede your progress) again.

December 16th: Do Your Best
Read the story of Martha in Luke 10:38-42
Remember who you are. Choose to give the better part today. Find a way to share the love of the Lord. Find even a small way to help someone else recognize the good part, the meaning of Christmas, or the joyful message of Christ’s atonement.

December 17th: Be Still
Read the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-6
First, find your sycamore tree, or the quiet place you can go to focus on the Savior. Second, make haste and invite the Lord to your home. How will you prepare to receive Him?

December 18th: Develop Faith
Read the account of pleading father in Mark 9:17-27
Take time to identify and write down an area in which you feel you are not enough. Take it to the Lord. Plead your case in prayer. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your weakness and ask for greater faith. Then be still and listen to the promptings that will come.

December 19th: Give All
Read the account of the rich young man in Mark 10:17 - 22 and the widow’s mite in Mark 12:41-44
Think of someone you know who has given all in service to the Lord. What lessons can you learn from that person? How can you be more like him or her? Commit today to give all you have in service to the Lord. Choose one area where you feel you could give more.

December 20th: Understand Grace
Read Ether 12 and look for the blessings.
Remember that grace comes after all you can do. Take time today to analyze a trying situation in your life. After you have done all you can do, place it in the hands of the Lord. Keep a record of the greater things and the unspeakable gifts that will come as He leads you to the promise.

December 21st: Seek
Read the account of Mary Magdalene in John 20:1-18
Examine your life, what is your greatest need? Find a way to seek the Lord. Find Christ in the answers you long for. Strive to reach a new level of understanding.

December 22nd: Abide
Read the account of the disciples walking on the road to Emmaus, in Luke 24:13-32
Learn to use the scriptures to receive personal revelation form the Lord. Look for a scripture that speaks to you. Let His spirit abide in your heart by reflecting on that scripture throughout the day.

December 23rd: Rejoice
Read about Mary the mother of Jesus in Luke 1:26-55
Take time to think about Mary’s response to the news that she would bear the Son of God. Consider her attitude and rejoicing despite that overshadowed any fear, inadequacy, or concern she must have had over her new “calling.” Strive to rejoice and express deeper gratitude for all that the Lord has blessed you with.

December 24th: Proclaim
Read the story of the birth of the Savior in Luke 2:1-20
Let us emulate the shepherds who made known abroad all that which was told unto them. We must be willing, as they were, to leave off other tasks to declare the glad tidings of Christ’s gospel and Church fully restored. Consider all with which you have been blessed and all that you have to share with others-- how will you share it?

December 25th: Remember
Read the story of Joshua and the crossing of the river Jordan in Joshua 3 and 4
Either figuratively or literally, gather 12 stones. Assign each stone to represent a blessing that you have recognized in your journey closer to Christ. Record your faith building experiences and testimony. Commit to continue your growth. Share your testimony and the blessings your have recognized with your family.

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