Sunday, September 7, 2008

Focusing on the positive and Building the Kingdom of God

Last week, I shared with you my desire to make our blog more inspirational based partly on my feelings about the story of a family who are dealing with tragedy and experiencing it with grace and faith, valiantly enduring-- publicly online for everyone to see their example. I thought it would be appropriate to share this story which was published in the New York Times on Saturday. The reporter talks about a "feel-good corner of the internet." I think it is neat that this writer (and the world) recognizes that there is good on the internet.   I was also please to she this young mother recognized for her love and devotion to family, homemaking, child-rearing, and marriage strengthening. As our prophets have told us, that the internet is a powerful tool that can be deadly in many ways. They have also told us that is can be a very powerful tool when it is used to share goodness, inspiration, and gospel truth.

Setting such an example of faith, of love for life based on a positive, Christ-centered outlook is part of what we do, part of what we NEED to do every day as part of our efforts to spread the gospel. As members this true church we understand that our priority should be to work towards building the kingdom of God. Sheri Dew, former member of the Relief Society General Presidency, said this:

"If we all had name tags, I would want mine to read: “Sheri Dew, Woman of God, Busy Building the Kingdom of God.” Imagine what would happen in this Church if every morning 4.5 million of us got on our knees and asked our Father who He needed us to reach out to that day. I invite you to rededicate your life to building the kingdom of God."

I, as YOUR Relief Society President, echo that invitation to build the kingdom of God by living everyday examples of happiness and righteousness!

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Kerrianne Lehnhof Burch said...

Erin! I used that very S.Dew quote in my lesson in RS today. :-)
We must be related!