Monday, September 1, 2008

From Myrna

Myrna emailed me part of her testimony last week and agreed to let me share it with you. THANKS Myrna!

"If it weren't for missionaries, the Relief Society, and definitely the Priesthood... to me, everyone has been sort of like a tool for me in how I have strengthened my faith in Christ. When I was in Hawaii, I'll never forgot the lesson that the missionaries taught me to be bold, so we all wore this button that says, "Be Bold". When you think of it, We Should Be Bold in what we Believe In. I watched this movie called "The Best Two Years" its about the missionaries, I believe I watched it about 6 times, but anyway it is a good movie, how as member of the church/missionaries can be so easily distracted, and not focus on what we are supposed to do. It's funny how at work, I truly didn't mind telling my friends that I'm a Latter-Day Saint. I am just so amazed at how my life has changed. The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints has brought me a whole new family, whom I truly love.

Thank Goodness that I am back to praying more often and reading my scriptures, no matter what the subject is, I have never been more happier that things are getting in place and situated. I thank Jesus Christ and God for everything and my blessings and all my friends who have supported me, without that who knows where I would have been."


Erin said...

Thanks for sharing Myrna-- we love you and are so happy to see your success as you grow in the gospel. Your growth really is inspirational.

Ellen J. Godwin said...

God bless you, Myrna, for being who and what you are. You are a joy to be around and you lift us all when you are in Church every Sunday. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Nyrna: I was touched by your testimony.
It reminded me that I need to do better and be more appreciative of the Gospel.
You have been a great addition to our sisterhood and I personally feel that Heavenly Father blesses you with Evelyn and Marty.
We love you!