Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Visiting Teaching Boost

Is it possible that the Savior might have said the following about Sisterhood and Visiting Teaching?

“I know these good sisters are so busy doing the other necessary things of life that often they forget to have true fellowship with each other. Some hardly even know the other sisters in their wards. Yet, the need for personal contact and friendship and love between sisters is greater than ever. Too often they forget part of the baptismal covenant that says they promise to bear one another's burdens.

”I know that they are busy providing for their families, living and dead. They cannot be all things to all people. But they can provide much happiness and share each other’s burdens. I will inspire the Relief Society president to call teams where the companions can teach each other by example and love. I will inspire her to assign routes where I need special help, and as these visiting teachers come to me in prayer, they will draw closer to me. Through this strengthened bond I will inspire these sisters in ways that they could not experience in other circumstances. Their own paths will be lighted as they light the way for others.

“I can remember all things, and I see the sisters of these wards as they were when we were all together in the premortal existence. Some are only waiting for the love and attention and efforts of others to inspire them to find their way back. It will not be easy. My own mission was not easy. But my mission made theirs possible. Now these sisters can show each other the way. The sacrifices they make for each other will not enslave them but will exalt them.”

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