Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really, did you call them?

Who is feeding the missionaries tonight?  Do you have room for two more at your table?  If ou cannot have them over, can you take some of your meal to them?
(573) 517-9230

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Brenda said...

When I asked the Elders how the Relief Society Sisters could help them, their immediate reply was, "By introducing us to their friends and also giving us opportunities to do service." So, think of anything you might be able to include them in. Do you, or your friends, have a work project? Our Elders serve in both Jackson and Cape, as well as being the Zone leaders. They travel throughout the Stake, doing team-ups and training with the other missionaries. This means they travel A LOT. Being a MOM, I suggested that it might be nice if they had some healthy "on the road" snacks. They thought that would be great! Nonperishables, if possible. Thanks, ladies!!!!