Friday, September 12, 2008

Together Forever

For those of you who have not heard the news, the Simmon's baby girl, Kylie Alexis passed away this morning at their home. Many of you know that Kylie has been sick since days after her birth in January. She has since struggled to fight an illness that left her little body with little function and eventually took her life. Without doubt, she was a special little girl. The first time I saw her, I was so touched by her spirit. I left the hospital and cried that she had to suffer. How hard it is for us to sometimes understand as we want to see and be in control of the whole picture of our lives rather than take each step on faith, trusting the Lord along the way.

I first meet Kylie's parents just a couple of days before she was born. I have watched them struggle through this battle with their daughter, always wondering how I would personally hold up if I had been given such a challenge. I remember Keisha's phone calls time and time again for months now, when they were sure, and I was sure that Kylie would not make it. I have prayed and prayed for understanding that we all could understand WHY this baby needed to suffer for what seemed to me to be for such a long time. I do not know what her mission in this life was, nor may it be my place to know, but I trust that her life absolutely did have a purpose, and that our Father in Heaven knows her individually as he knows each of us, and that he has a plan for her much greater than what we may understand.

I am in St. Louis tonight. I met my mom here and we attended tonight's portion of Deseret Book's Time Out for Women. Michael McLean was one of the presenters and I love that his music is so real. As he speaks and sings, he is so often able to describe exactly how I feel. As I listened I thought about my family,  Kylie and her family, and all of you, I cried and cried. Please know how much I care about you and love you. The last Michael McLean concert that I attended was years ago, just a week after my dad passed away when I was a teenager. He sang many of the same songs, including his well-known song: Together Forever. My feelings were tender then with thoughts of my dad, and again tonight with thoughts of Kylie, you, and many others.  I also cried happy tears as I remembered times of comfort, times of joy, and times in my life when my prayers have been answered, when I have felt encircled in the loving arms of my Father in Heaven.

Families can be forever, I believe that without any doubt and I am so grateful for that great blessing and knowledge. I hope and pray that you have the same testimony and that you feel the comforting love of our Father in Heaven who does know and love each of us as he loves Kylie. 
He can and will give us peace and comfort through our trials and be with us in our sadness, if we only let Him into our life where he can heal our hearts and bless our lives. Please remember their family in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Erin, Thank you for sharing your tender feelings with us about the Simmons baby and especially about your father.
It strenghtens all our testimonies when we hear about others and how they handle and react in tough times.